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Property Developer Cost Plan
Property Developer Cost Plan
Property Development Appraisal Example
Property Development Appraisal Example

How We Can Help Property Developers

Appraising property development deals is an extremely important function that can determine whether a project will be financially viable. Haydon Construction Services have access to unrivalled cost data, which we will use produce build cost estimates and cost plans for your development project. We have worked with countless property developer clients who specialise in property developments across sectors such as residential, hotel, industrial and more.

Our build cost estimates, and construction costings have proven to be a vital step for our developer clients in appraising development opportunities, securing bank funding, establishing construction budgets, and aiding with the successful procurement of contractors.

A key aspect of the service that we provide to our clients is the careful consideration of project risk, which is why we implement our proven method of risk mitigation when it comes to build cost estimating and cost planning. Our experience allows us to take a holistic approach when estimating the construction costs of your project, taking into account the nature of the project, it’s size and complexity as well as external factors such as macro-economic environment pressures including inflation and material availability.

Our developer clients have benefitted from time and cost saved where projects were deemed to be financially unviable, as well as the establishment of realistic budgets that have ensured that their developments were profitable.

  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Planners
  • Land Agents
  • Deal Finders
  • Estate Agents

What information do we need from you?

For us to get started on your build cost estimate and cost plan, we will require as much detail as possible. Information that can help us get started includes:

  • Architects Drawings (RIBA Stages 3-5)
  • Engineers Detail
  • Scope of Works
  • Specifications
  • Surveys

Property Developers

Rachel - Property Developer

“Haydon Construction Services completed the build cost estimate in roughly 4 days, and the estimate was very comprehensive and gave us a good understanding of the costs involved in the construction.”

Rachel - Property Developer

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