Bank Monitoring

Bank Monitoring Services

With many years of project monitoring experience for clients, project owner and contractors, Haydon Construction Services provide Bank Monitoring services to funders at regular intervals throughout a project. We represent lenders and equity partners who want to ensure that funds are being utilised efficiently and that the release of financing is closely monitored against the progress made on site. Our services ultimately help lenders to make better, and more informed decisions about capital deployment into development projects.

We also help lenders assess the viability of a potential investment by evaluating the development proposal and reviewing the construction costs that are likely to be incurred. We do this by using BCIS and reviewing the cost data in line with the project design information at a high level.

Bank Monitoring Services

This can ultimately determine whether there will be sufficient margin contained within the proposed project to fully cover the construction costs. We can also advise on the use of contingency spend during the funding of a project in order to ensure that the contingency is only released to cover unforeseen construction items.

Our main aim with our Bank Monitoring Services is to ensure that lenders and equity partners are well informed about their decision to fund projects, as well as release funding throughout the construction phase. We cover a wide geographical location, ranging from London and the Southeast, Southwest and the Midlands.

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