Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying Services

Haydon Construction Services are professionally qualified Quantity Surveyors who provide Quantity Surveying Services to our clients. We measure, analyse, and value the labour and material elements related to a building or construction project, which enables us to produce cost plans, estimates and BOQ’s. We advise our clients and project owners on costs, contracts, measurements, and specifications of materials used in the project. By getting involved during the pre-construction phase, we are well placed to help clients keep track of their budgets and identify an effective procurement strategy. We provide guidance throughout the project to ensure that any changes are well-managed, coverings tasks such as contractor payments, progress monitoring, risk management, claims, final accounts and other matters related to costs management.

Haydon Construction Services provide Quantity Surveying services to ensure that project costs are in line with our client’s construction budget, whilst ensuring that the project runs in accordance with the contract duration.

Quantity Surveying Services

We help our clients to capture a true picture of the costs involved in the project during the pre-construction phase by working closely with architects and engineers, prior to the agreement and sign off on the overall construction value, which ultimately reduces the risks of variations and project overspend during the construction phase. We are experienced across a range of contracts under the JCT suite of contracts, including JCT Design & Build and JCT Standard Building Contracts.

We manage claims for insurance against loss or damage that may arise during the construction process, or for reworks required due to severe structural damage. Through our Claims Management expertise, we also look to resolve disputes related to contract terms and issues that present themselves on-site. Our service is beneficial to our clients as it helps them monitor the progress of their construction project from start to finish, while ensuring they get value for money at every stage of the process.

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