Contract Management

Construction Contract Management Services

We provide Contract Management services which are tailored to help our clients ensure that contractual agreements are executed correctly and enforced on the parties involved in the contract. We advise our clients on the selection of appropriate contracts for specific projects and review contracts to ensure that the interests of the client or project owner are sufficiently protected. Through this process, Haydon Construction Services can limit the threat of adverse costs relating to disputes on site by enforcing the contract terms throughout the project lifecycle.

Our Contract Management Services typically follow three phases, i) pre-contract phase including tender preparation and contract negotiation, ii) contract execution, including the preparation of the final contract documentation to be issued for execution and iii) the post-award phase, which includes the management and enforcing of the contract in order to ensure compliance.

Construction Contract Management Services

Through this process, we can ensure that our clients and project owners are confident that the project supply chain will operate in accordance with a robust contract which leaves little scope for misinterpretation and construction claims.

By engaging with our professional Contract Management service, clients and project owners can enjoy the benefits of improved transparency in all contractual agreements, enhanced efficiency and cost savings, reduced risk levels and clear communications among stakeholders. Ultimately, contract management enables our clients to better manage their contractual relationships and ensure that there is a reduced risk of contractual claims that could result in financial loss and prolonged construction periods.

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