Due Diligence

Diligence Due Services

Haydon Construction Services provide Due Diligence services for a range of clients and project owners throughout various stages of a construction project. We represent clients by being involved in the Due Diligence of projects prior to site acquisition, through to contract selection and contractor procurement. We view Due Diligence as a key part of an overall risk management strategy, where our aim is to pre-emp serious issues and ultimately avoid them. This in turn helps our clients and project owners to save money and avoid problematic projects and difficulties on site.

We broadly look at due diligence from a time, cost and quality perspective, with health & safety and sustainable impacts at the forefront of our practice. Our Due Diligence services can range from financial appraisals of projects, reviewing site condition reports, pre-construction assessments of construction programme of the delivery process and careful selection and appointment of viable contractors.

Diligence Due Services


For our clients, our Due Diligence service provides a valuable assessment that allows them to make better-informed decisions about their projects. The Due Diligence process helps clients understand more about potential site acquisitions, including the financial position, operational aspects and contractual process. By carrying out thorough due diligence, clients can ensure that they are well presented with the potential risks involved in their decision making before pursuing an opportunity or engaging in construction activities.

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