Claims Management

Haydon Construction Services are experienced enough to understand that not all projects go to plan, and that the parties involved in a construction contract may get into dispute throughout the construction process. This can often result in a dispute being escalated to more formal legal matters, which is often a very time consuming and costly process. Our Claims Management service is targeted at preventing the escalation of disputes in a number of ways:

  1. We work with clients to help implement sufficient processes that help track potential claims as early warnings before they become an issue, including the establishment of a robust site record keeping process.
  2. We establish whether potential issues that give rise to a claim do in fact provide a proper legal entitlement.
  3. We assess whether cause and effect can be demonstrated by contemporaneous site records.
  4. We assess whether costs have been demonstrated by supporting documentation.

Although we have dealt with many claims, we are aware that disputes commonly arise due to delays, inaccurate tender information, variations and late or no payment. Haydon Construction Services have also been involved in latent defect claims for our clients, where we successfully claimed against contractors for defects that occurred 5 years post completion.

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