Procurement Services

Haydon Construction Services provide Procurement services as part of our overall Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management services. We represent both large contractors and project owners, working with our clients to procure a robust supply chain that are suitably qualified to deliver our clients projects. Procurement is often where huge value can be unlocked in a project, and we use our expertise to ensure that the right procurement approach is in place.

At the core of our Procurement services, Haydon Construction Services firstly aim to understand the project and the key requirements of our clients. We are then able to find a solution and develop a procurement strategy for sourcing and appointing suitable contractors.

Procurement Services

Procurement of contractors and supplies goes beyond simply procuring the cheapest bidder, and we take a more holistic approach in determining whether the contractors or suppliers are the right fit for the project, which is critical to avoiding significant project issues and contractual claims after the project has commenced.

Our Procurement services allow our clients and project owners to take a hands-off approach throughout the procurement stage of the project. However, we provide guidance throughout this process, through a tailored approach specific to the needs of our clients. Overall, our services are aimed at increasing project efficiency by ensuring that key contractors are procured in line with the overall construction programme, and that costs remain well within budget.

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