Estimating & Cost Planning

Estimating Cost Planning Services

We provide Estimating & Cost Planning services which are tailored to help our clients and project owners understand the costs associated with a proposed project. We regularly work across different sectors within the construction industry, from new-build residential developments, commercial and industrial space. We represent private developers, government bodies, non-profit organisations, subcontractors and main contractors.

We use BCIS, a robust national database of construction cost data, provided by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, along with current market quotations to ensure that our cost plans and estimates are accurate. We use Bluebeam measuring software to ensure that project data is measured quickly and accurately, so that we can provide accurate take-offs where tight deadlines are concerned. We provide construction Estimating & Cost Planning services to the highest industry standard by working in accordance with RICS recommended NRM1 and NRM2.

Estimating Cost Planning Services

With our Estimating & Cost Planning, we help clients to identify the most effective strategies for cost savings and realise maximum value for their investment. The main benefits of this service include better project control, increased accuracy when estimating future projects, more efficient management of costs and resources, and better outcomes for overall project profitability. We provide invaluable assistance to clients looking to effectively manage project finances when undertaking large-scale projects. In addition, our service provides expert advice and guidance to ensure clients have the right level of visibility into their costs throughout the entire process.

Our Estimating & Cost Planning service helps our clients to understand what it will take to meet their project goals from a cost perspective, in a timely manner while ensuring budgetary concerns are taken into consideration. We ensure the better management of budgets and reduce the risk of any unforeseen costs. We also use our cost data to provide BOQ’s, which is beneficial during the procurement of contractors.

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