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Our cost database is unrivalled, giving you assurances that your projects are estimated accurately and efficiently. Our estimating and cost planning formats are kept simple and clear for you to understand, where we work in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors NRM1 and NMR2/SMM7 standard methods of measurement, the industry standard for estimating and cost planning.

Construction Cost Management Services
Cost Management

Helping project owners and clients successfully identify and control project cost expenditure throughout the project lifecycle.

Commercial Management Services
Commercial Management

Helping clients manage expenditure and operations by ensuring that costs are tracked against budgets, managing contractual obligations and regularly reporting on profitability and risks.

Claims Management

Our Claims Management service helps businesses to not only avoid claims escalating, but also to defend claims and successfully pursuit claims when they arise. To date, we have successfully dealt with nearly £100m in claims.

Quantity Surveying Services
Quantity Surveying

Our Quantity Surveying Services help to identify the material and labour cost elements of construction projects and establish construction values. We help clients keep track of their budgets while ensuring they achieve value for money.

Estimating Cost Planning Services
Estimating & Cost Planning

We help our clients to understand and manage the costs of constructions projects, representing project owners, developers, subcontractors and main contractors.

Procurement Services

Helping our clients achieve maximum value for money through the procurement process of construction projects.

Value Engineering
Value Engineering

Helping organisations reduce costs and improve efficiency by providing cost-saving measures that maintain service delivery quality. We generate innovative solutions while considering functionality, costs, and sustainability.

Construction Contract Management Services
Contract Management

Ensuring that contractual agreements are met and enforced, providing a clear understanding of obligations, and proactive risk mitigation.

Diligence Due Services
Due Diligence

We help clients and project owners to review the viability of a project or decision to engage in construction activities.

Bank Monitoring Services
Bank Monitoring

We help clients to make informed decisions about their decision to fund development projects and release funding at interim stages of a project.

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